Our Beliefs & Values

We believe in one God who manifests himself in three persons: the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. As written in Scripture, the Creator God, made Himself flesh in order to become our sacrifice. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Christ's life, death and resurrection challenges, teaches and empowers us to become more like Him both in word and deed.

God wants us to love Him above all and to love our neighbors unselfishly. Christ led by example as He washed feet, fed the hungry, healed the sick, and accepted the rejected. He is the good teacher. May we, His students, be transformed by His grace and love to tell his story to all creation.

Our History

We began in 1950 as the Flint Rescue Mission on the banks of the Flint River at Grand Traverse Street. We've been led by John Schaich, Jerry Peaster, Bob Sweeney, Lois St. Clair, and now Dr. Dallas Gatlin...Only five directors in 65 years! We've been supported throughout those years by faithful churches and individuals who recognize the calling of Matthew 25 to minister to the hungry, the thirsty, and the individuals in need of a place to stay.

Today we are a campus of learning and restoration in Flint's historic Carriage Town neighborhood. Visitors and residents find a haven of safety and acceptance, learning and responsibility, structure and productivity...A place where Jesus is lifted up as Lord and Savior … A place to find new birth, a sense of purpose for today and hope for tomorrow.

Today we have 120 beds (the most in the county) for men women and children in need. Each year we provided 42,000 nights of rest, distributed 142,000 meals, and provided 110,000 pieces of clothing free of charge. The Lafia Learning Center is open to the community and sees 120 new students each month. Great things are happening at CTM, thank you for your support.

CTM Programs

For those who are hungry, we provide something to eat; for those who are thirsty, something to drink. For those who need a place to stay, we provide a home; for those who need clothing, a coat to keep them warm. And for those who are sick, a free walk-in clinic is provided each week. The gospel of Christ is taught daily through word, deed, devotionals and church services. In addition to the CTM cafe, clothing distribution and educational opportunities, residents are given the chance to create a Personal Success Plan. This is a goal-oriented program that enables individuals to grow spiritually, academically, and vocationally through mentoring, work-experience, and life skills.

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The People of CTM

We have a Board of Trustees, an Executive Director, and ministry leaders. Under the spiritual and operational guidance of our Executive Director, Dr. Dallas Gatlin, individual programs are overseen by administrative leadership. Within the men's and women's programs, resident mentors help to guide the daily life of our residents — providing a safe, clean, and uplifting environment for all who seek help here. Furthermore, each resident is supported by the many volunteers, financial partners, and churches that round out our CTM team.

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